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Next.ID Roadmap

Phase 1 (Now-Dec 2022)

  • Integrate more Web2 platforms, starting with: Discord, Medium, and TikTok Debut a user-facing demo dAppprotocol ( that showcases the full suite of Next.ID’s capabilities
  • Enlarge our RelationService database to aggregate more verifiable connections from other DID services and databases, making search queries more efficient and trustworthy.
  • Lay the groundwork for Next.ID to operate as an open-source community governed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Phase 2 (2023 and beyond)

  • Build out the developer ecosystem, encouraging developers to ideate and execute projects in the Next.ID community
  • Co-develop projects with the community Expand Next.ID adoption and applications in social media, gaming, security, and asset management

Phase X (TBD)

  • Build the framework for decentralized P2P nodes to enable users to self-host their data
  • Develop into a full-fledged DAO, allowing the community to decide a future roadmap.