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RelationService search other third-party "identity <-> identity" relation creation / query service, and aggregate the results into one query.

Data source (Upstreams)


Structured query response

"Vertex-Edge" style response for users to recreate the whole identity relation tree within 1 query.


What you get is what you request. Construct your own query to meet your need.

Query from an identity or web3 asset

Start a query by giving one of the following qeury conditions:

  • platform - identity, or
  • blockchain - nft_type - contract_address (optional) - nft_id


Every identity / relation data is fetched when first requested.

No unrecoverable data in DB (which means whole DB can be rebuilt)1.

Getting Started

  1. For now. We may add some RelationService-only data records in the future. Stay tuned.